Six and Fours: Prison Anxieties is a site-specific installation done for the 2013 Chale Wote Street Arts Festival in Jamestown, Accra. The work fuses the titles of two of my initial projects (“Prison Anxieties” (2011) & “untitled… [Six and Fours]” (2013)). This is the undergirding question; What would it look like to bag the ambitions, desires, passions, etc of humans held against their will in an attempt to free them from a place of torture and oppression? The work displays jute sacks which metaphorically reference dead bodies hanging on the outside walls of the Ussher Fort Prison – the name of the site retains its double function over time first as a fort (inhabited by Dutch colonialists) and later turned into a prison by British colonialists. The newly independent nation, Ghana, also continued its use as a prison until 1993.

Six and Fours: Prison Anxieties, 2013, jute rope, jute sack, found material, metal scaffold, dimensions variable, site-specific installation.